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CC Energy Saver is one of the trustable names in the energy sector. We are committed to providing unparalleled services to our customers with a dedicated and talented team. Our mission is to make maximum houses eco-friendly by installing instruments which use power sources that do not harm nature.

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Make your house energy efficient. Just a call and we will transform your residence into a solar-powered house.

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We have boilers stocked up throughout the year. Boiler replacements will be done within 24hours.

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Our smart meter provides all the data about your power consumption and gives you a complete analysis. 

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It high time that we stop depending on someone else for powering your homes. CC Energy Saver makes it possible to generate your own energy.

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We provide high quality and highly efficient solar panels that lasts long and can power your homes without affecting the environment.

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Energy Efficiency is So Important


Energy efficiency refers to doing more using less energy. So besides benefitting you, it benefits your nation as well as the entire world. That is why everyone should make an effort to increase their energy efficiency as much as possible. Every time you use a device or machine that provides an energy saving, you increase your efficiency. It would also widely accepted that shopping around and conducting an energy price comparison of green energy suppliers also improves overall energy efficiency. 

Why Energy Efficiency is So Important 

Saves money Using energy efficient appliances, carrying out energy efficient home renovations and always practicing energy efficient actions on a daily basis reduces your utility bi9lls significantly. For example, using energy efficient devices has been found to save up to 30 percent on your electricity bills while energy star-rated refrigerators each use $165 less compared to a conventional, for its entire lifetime. 

Preserve the environment  The power plants that generate electricity, as well as the use of natural gas at home, create air pollution. They also emit greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming; in fact, over 50 percent of the gas comes from these processes. So, by utilizing less energy, you effectively fight the destructive global climate change. You also reduce the emission of pollutant gases that have adverse effects on human beings. 

Helps local economy  Local energy consumption often exceeds the energy generated within necessitating the same from other countries. So, if every citizen can increase their energy efficiency, collectively, the citizens will reduce the overall energy requirements thereby eliminating the need to import the energy. Importation reduces the strength of the local currency, thus, hurting the local economy.

The money, given to the exporting country also reduces the financial strength of the importing nation.  Compliance with environmental legislation  Businesses that operate in energy-efficient properties has an easy time complying with the stringent environmental regulations. Such organizations project a good image to customers, increasing their reputation. The resulting high reputation endears the business to many customers resulting in high sales and hence more profits. Workers employed by such firms are highly motivated and more productive. The overall effect is a vibrant company that performs exemplary both locally and internationally.  Increase national security  Energy efficiency reduces the energy consumption of a given country thus increasing energy independence. Using less of your country’s energy endowment like petrol to power vehicles reduces your country’s dependence on foreign nations to the bare minimum. The advantage of this scenario is if an issue was to come up between the two nations, each nation is self-sufficient and as such won’t citizens of bothcou8ntries won’t suffer much from the fallout. Additionally, with energy efficiency countries save its energy resources to be used by future generations.  

Conclusion  Energy efficiency should be executed by every individual at a personal level. Start small; use energy efficient light bulbs, heaters and refrigerators. Gradually advance to other bigger items like the use of hybrid vehicles and championing for the use of energy efficient appliances among in your locality. This way, you will play your part in combating climate change. The other will emulate you and with time many people will be using energy efficient devices, thus benefiting not only the local economy but also the world at large.

Benefit of Energy Efficient Homes

Owning a home can be an amazing experience but there are a large number of problems faced due to urbanization which includes congestion, health hazards and high costs of living. Therefore you will need to look for the benefit of energy-efficient homes so that you will get a truly efficient home that is constructed according to the heating and cooling needs of the home. It will also allow you to control the air flow and moisture of your home so that you will get low humidity, moderate temperature and increased air quality. When you have an energy efficient home, you will be able to use less energy so that you will require less money to operate and produce lesser quantity of greenhouse gasesas it is beneficial for your home and environment. It reduces the electricityusage of your home so that you can enjoy money savings benefits that will alsohelp your environment by saving a large amount of energy.   The benefit of energy efficiency homesincludes

less energy

1.Lower operating costs- ifyou have energy efficient home, you will be able to lower the operating cost ofyour home so that your home will become more efficient and you will not have tospend more money on utility bills.  

2.Save money– when you look for ways to make your home energy efficient,it will help you to save a large amount of money in the long run and this can be achieved when you buy energy-efficient home appliances so that you will save up to 30% on the electricity bills. For this you will need to use LEDs, CFLsand halogens that are very efficient in helping you save money annually.  

3.Save the environment– when you make your home energy efficient, it will also save the environment as you can reduce the carbon footprint and eventually it can be beneficial for the environment.Moreover, it is the best way of consuming a lesser amount of electricity so thatyou will work towards saving the planet which is very important for enjoying aclean and green planet. 

4.Comfortable homes– when you have energy efficient homes, you will make it more if you for this you will need to install new window frames, cavity wall of your double or triple glazing so that cold and hot air will not be escaped to spend home.  

5.Keep your home insulated-having an energy efficient home will help you in controlling the flow of air,heat and moisture from inside and outside of your home. Moreover it will alsohelp you to get rid of the unwanted moisture and pollutants from youratmosphere so that you will not face any kind of health problems.   6.Save money on energy bills- living in anenergy efficient home will help you save money on the energy bills as you willbe able to reduce energy use so that you can save a considerable amount ofmoney on the energy bills for your home for a long period of time.

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Here are the testimonies from our customers who became eco-friendly through us.

CC Energy Saver is definitely the best when it comes to installing solar panels and making houses eco-friendly. They committed and very professional.

Mary D. Kent

“I wanted my boiler to be replaced. My friend suggested their name. All I did was a call. They got the required information, and everything was over within no time. They only charged for the boiler. The installation was free of cost.

Frank D. Kline