Aviation Sector Advisory Services

Climate Connect and Evolution Markets Inc. have teamed up to provide comprehensive advisory and transaction services to assist aircraft operators and their partners around the globe with services and strategies to comply with the European Union’s carbon reduction mandates. 

As part of its comprehensive program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the European Union is imposing curbs on carbon emissions from all flights originating or terminating in Member Countries starting in 2012. The EU aviation cap-and-trade program allocates some carbon emission permits for free, but less than airlines are likely to need for compliance. The program permits airlines to trade allowances as a means to meet their obligations.

Effectively navigating this new regulatory regime requires deep market knowledge acquired by staying up to date on regulatory, legal, political and market changes while maintaining robust emissions data resources. 

To assist airlines utilize Europe’s aviation emissions trading scheme in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, Climate Connect and Evolution Markets offer a fully integrated advisory services offering:

Aviation Advisory Services: We help you achieve your compliance obligations under the EU ETS with our customized advisory service offering. The services offered under Aviation Advisory include: 

  • Sustainability Consulting: A comprehensive report on the Aviation ETS program, inclusive of compliance obligations, allowance allocation, auction structures and frequency, and carbon offset programs.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Support in fulfilling EU ETS obligations, including analysis of emissions data, reporting, and timely submission of data to the respective authorities.
  • Governance and Risk Management: Development of a comprehensive and strategic risk management program. Sustainability Reports: Reports and analysis of Aviation Allowances, Carbon Emissions, and market trends. 
  • Registry Services and Documentation: Acting as your appointed representative, allowing you to cost-effectively outsource coordination with the appropriate registry for the delivery of compliance units.
  • Monitoring and Verification: Assessment and procurement of the services of a third-party verifier to complete the monitoring and verification of emission data.
  • Carbon Trading: Accessing the carbon market for allowance and offset procurement and sale, as well as execution of various hedging strategies.   


Knowledge Services: We provide the latest updates on the EU ETS, unique market intelligence, visibility on allowances and carbon credit trends, updates on penalties and fines, briefings on ever-changing regulations, and insight on how dynamic markets will impact your assets. The Knowledge Services include:

  • Carbon Workshops: On-site workshops or Webinars to stay on top of market and regulatory developments.
  • News Broadcasts: News and regulatory updates on carbon markets designed specifically for the aviation industry. Carbon Market Research: Research reports on carbon pricing and market liquidity, focused on your specific risk profile and information needs. 
  • Intelligence Reports: Aviation industry business intelligence reports and case studies on aircraft operator strategies to meet carbon compliance obligations.
  • Allowances and Carbon Credit Reports: Reports detailing EUAs and CERs issuance and surrender rates.
  • Carbon Price Data: Access to industry-leading market data services.


To find out more about how we can advise you in the emerging aviation carbon markets, please call: +44 207 193 8996 (UK/Europe) or +91 11.4505.6713 or email: prashant@climate-connect.co.uk 

About our Aviation Advisory Services Partner: Evolution Markets Inc. is the largest (by volume transacted) and most award-winning Environmental Brokerage and Advisory Firm in the global carbon markets.  Evolution Markets has an unrivaled depth of experience and a broad counterparty network of companies and governments that are active in the global carbon markets. Based in New York, Evolution Markets also serves clients from offices in London, Beijing, Cape Town, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.