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3rd May 2013

Linkage of California and Quebec, Cap and Trade Program

Refined analysis of implications of linkage on each program

How linkage will impact the prices of CCA and other instruments

Opinion of market experts on the linkage

Question and answer session with experts and our analysts


Webinar Slides

Reference Documents

14th December 2012

Aviation Sustainability Practices


What is Sustainability reporting?

Why we need Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR) in aviation?

Are there any standard in aviation industry?

CSR indicators

Benefits of Sustainability reporting

Internal benefits 

External benefits

How airlines are doing?

Future of Airlines Sustainability reporting



Background Research Material

Webinar Slides

Webinar Recording


USD 175 only
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December 2012


Aviation Biofuels - Overview, latest trends and future forecasts


1. What are Biofuels?

2. Why Aviation Biofuels?

3. Sustainable biofuels feedstock

4. Growing the feedstock 

5. Key advantages of Second-generation biofuel for aviation 

6. Global Projects on Sustainable Aviation Biofuel 

7. Technical Requirements for aviation biofuels

8. Global fuel consumption & CO2 emissions

9. CO2 Lifecycle of fossil fuels & biofuels 

10. Aviation biofuels: Recent activities

11. Aviation Biofuels: Challenges faced by industry 

12. Future forecast


Background Research Material

Webinar Slides

Webinar Recording

USD 175 only

15th Nov



Agenda and Questions to be addressed:

Which are the major climate funds?
How much and where are they investing?
Latest updates on the $100 billion Green Climate Fund
What to expect from Doha Climate Conference?
Which funding opportunities are currently open?

Government Policy paper

Latest Funding Update

Climate Connect Investment Tracker-Oct 2012 Edition

To recieve Recording and Reference Material
USD 75

18 Oct 2012 


An Insight into Green (REC) and White Certificate (PAT) Market 

Renewable Energy Trading in India Explained!

Past 19 session REC trading ANALYSIS

PAT trading inside out

Special session on Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Clean Energy Market

19 REC Session Reports

PAT sectoral Analysis

REC FDI Note-Climate Connect Exclusive

To recieve Recording and Reference Material USD 75

27 Sep 2012

NAMA - Where it Stands Today

The webinar will cover summary of NAMA targets announced by the developing countries, with special emphasis on the BASIC group (Brazil, China, India & South Africa). Other highlights of the webinar will be:

The latest programmes and mechiansms implemented in the respective countries to achieve these targets

A recap of the decisions taken on NAMAs at Durban COP17 and expectations from Doha COP18

Latest updates from the UNFCCC on NAMA Registry and funding 

Video + Slides

Relevant documents and reports 

To recieve Recording and Reference Material USD 75

10 Aug 2012

New CDM rules and Processes Explained 

1. Overview of CDM


2. CDM Cycle

    - Prior Notification

    - Validation

    - Registration

    - Issuance

3. Risks in CDM project

4. Legal instruments for contracting CDM projects

5. CDM Registry

6. Trading of CERs

7. Price History of CERs

8. Supply Demand for CERs from CDM in Australia  





Webinar Slides



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March 2012

Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO)-Demand, Fulfillment Options and Penalties


Contents of Webinar would include:

1. Introduction – need for RPO; non-solar and solar targets

2. RPO targets of various states – four graphs by various zones

3. RPO targets for open access & captive users

4. RPO demand for distribution companies by states in FY12 – our research

5. Solar RPO FY12 announced by various states

6. Solar RPO demand FY12 - our research

7. Options to meet RPO targets - clarification on power bought at feed-in tariff

8. RPO fulfillment - obtained from telephonic interviews with nodal agencies

9. Penalties announced by various SERCs - from RPO regulations

10. Economic analysis of REC fulfillment – Buying RECs v/s RE project + Penalty




1. Government Issued Policy Note

2. Renewable Energy Certificate Trading Summary for month of Feb'12 and March 2012

3. State of Indian REC Markets




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ary 2012



Opportunities & Entry Strategy: India Solar




- Current scenario of solar power in India

- Renewable energy trends in India


- Technology available – Solar PV and thermal options

- Important considerations while site selection (Shading, water availability, accessibility)

- Clearances required (No EIA for Indian lenders, stricter evaluation in case of foreign lenders)


- Drivers of demand (JNNSM targets and solar RPO)

- REC scheme and current status

- Various state solar policy and status


- Financial considerations for setting up solar power projects

- Comparisons of various financial models under different schemes

- Risk and Benefits 


A. Government issued Policy Document

B. Solar Renewable Purchase Obligation Supply Demand Gap

C. Solar Analyst Note

D. Webinar Recording. Webinar Slides

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September 2011

 Post 2012 Japanese Bilateral Mechanism


  • Japan’s Stand on CDM: Position on Kyoto Protocol extension, Criticism of CDM
  • Introduction to Bilateral Mechanism: Design of the mechanism, Country level agreements in place
  • Feasibility Studies for Bilateral Mechanism: Objectives and their current status, Case study of Indonesia Feasibility Study
  • "Positive list" the new Additionality? : Linkages to NAMA concept, Defining Appropriateness
  • Post Fukushima Shift in Strategy: Fukushima energy gap, Energy efficiency “setsuden”, Impact on GHG emissions, Renewable Energy (FiT) Bill.
  • Japan’s 2020 Target and its Implications: Japan’s targets for 2012 and 2020, Options for achieving the targets, Demand for offsets.
  • Japan’s Expectation from Durban
 Video + SlidesFor Recorded Webinar please pay HERE

13th Oct 2011

REDD: Finance, MRV, implications for 2020

  • Introduction to REDD
  • REDD Funds
  • Countries financing REDD
  • Status of funds
  • Standards/Methodologies for REDD projects
  • Case Study Indonesia Rimba Raya Project
  • MRV related issues
  • 2020 Potential and its Implications
  • REDD @ Durban: what to expect?

A. Official Government Annoucements and Policy Papers

B. UNFCCC notifications

C. Any other relevant document 

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20th Oct 2011


New Climate Funds and Postb 2012 Green Climate Fund (Donor,Investor,Target,Status)

  • Introduction to Climate Finance
  •  Climate Funds         
  • Countries/Donors and status of funds
  • Climate fund Targets 
  • Sectoral /Geographic focus of climate funds
  •  Green Climate Fund: the mega Post 2012 initiative
  •  MRV and ICA issues 
  • Issues relating to Additional Funding 
  • Linkages with NAMAs 
  • Climate Finance @ Durban: what to expect?


A. Official Government Annoucements and Policy Papers

B. UNFCCC notifications

C. Any other relevant document 


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31st  Oct 2011


Aviation Sector in EUETS: Overview, current status and position of various airlines

  • Introduction to EU ETS
  • Why does EU want to include Aviation Sector in Emissions Trading(ETS)?
  • Monitoring and verification under ETS
  • Costs and impact on prices
  • Timeline
  • List of Airlines Impacted
  • Position of USA airlines,  airlines from Asia
  • Position of governments, including that of USA, China and India
  • Position of trade organizations like IATA
  • Airlines that have already started carbon trading
  • Legal hurdles, lawsuits - current status
  • What to expect in Durban Climate Conference?


omplete list of airlines and operators as notified by European Union

Original legislation passed by European Union

Report outlining trend of Aviation Emission from 50 countries (including USA, Europe, Russia, Mexico,Japan, India, China, Australia)

List of accredited verification bodies for EU ETS

Any other relevant document


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17th Nov 2011


COP 17 DURBAN: Position of Countries & Status Update



    European Union
    South Africa
    Other African Countries

    Extension of Kyoto
    Status of CDM
    Fast Start Finance & Post 2012 Green Climate Fund
    MRV in Post 2012 Agreement
    NAMAs upto 2020
    Aviation Sector
    Bilateral Agreements


A. Official Government Annoucements and Policy Papers

B. UNFCCC notifications

C. Any other relevant document 

D. Webinar Slides

E. Webinar Recording


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16th Dec 2011

POST COP 17 Durban Webinar: What happened and what next?

  • Summary and Highlights

    Pre Durban and Post Durban Status

    Analysis & Impact of Decisions


    Future of Kyoto & CDM, Green Climate Fund, China, India, Aviation, Australia, Japan, REDD, Technology, MRV, NAMAs, Exclusive Interviews

Slides + Recording + Exclusive PDF Report


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