EU ETS (Aviation)

All airlines, including Asian and North American operators, landing into and flying out of European airports must participate in the Emissions Trading Scheme from 01 January 2012 onwards and reduce their flight emissions. This group is dedicated to  track latest developments in the aviation and emissions trading sector.

EU to auction over 9.2 million aviation emission allowances this year

The InterContinental Exchange (ICE) and the European Energy Exchange (EEX) have announced the schedule for the auction of aviation emission allowances or EUAAs during the course this year. The allowances auctioned will be for calendar year 2012.

EU Parliament votes to exempt intercontinental flights from EU ETS until 2017

Climate Connect News, 04 April 2014, London: The European Union (EU) legislation on aviation emission allo

EU’s Environment Committee rejects exemption of foreign flights from the ETS

Climate Connect News, 20 March 2014, London: The draft plans to exempt intercontinental flights’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the Emission T

EU approves CER, ERU swap for emission allowances under ETS

Climate Connect News, 18 March 2014, London: The European Union approved international credit entitlement (ICE) tables for 17 member states, last w

European Parliament votes to implement revised aviation emissions scheme from 2015

Climate Connect News, 31 January 2014, London: The European Parliament’s environment committee voted yesterday on new rule to apply European Union’s (EU) emission trading scheme on carbon emissions from intercontinental flights to or from EU airports over EU and EEA airspace

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