The group deals with current and upcoming energy and environment related markets in Australia. Focus is on renewable energy policy, energy efficiency policy and climate change related developments. 

Australia’s total GHG emissions up 2.4% in 2012

Climate Connect New, 16 April 2014, London: Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions, excluding the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forests (LULUCF) sector, was 543.6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent (MtCO2e)  in 2012 increasing by 0.4% from 2011 and 31% from 1990 levels, according to the

Australia's opposition party supports 15% emission reduction target for 2020

Climate Connect News, 2 April 2, 2014, London: Australian Labor Party environmentalist spokesman Mark Butler unoffici

Australian Senate rejects government bill to repeal carbon tax

Climate Connect, 20 March 2014, London:  Login or register to post comments

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  • Experts back Australian opposition's demand to implement ETS

    Climate Connect News, 14 March 2014, London: Three senior Australian economists have supported the carbon pricing mechanism as the most effective

    Australian Capital Territory to auction 200 MW of wind capacity in 2014

    Climate Connect News, 12 March 2014, London:Login or register to post comments

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